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Family Report completed by a Psychologist who works with Families every day. As you are well aware, Family Reports are extremely important in the Court Process. It is crucial that for family therapy, you choose the right report writer, a person who understands children, childhood development and modern families and parenting.

​Donna Cameron has over 15 years of expertise in this area. ​Donna continues to work as a Private Practice Psychologist in Melbourne and her work load includes family therapy, supervised contact between children and parents and dispute resolution. ​Donna is often called by Lawyers and Barristers to be included in Child Inclusive Mediations as the voice of the child and to offer parents some appropriate strategies for their situations.

​With this experience, you know that your report writer is up to date with issues that are occurring in families. ​Donna Cameron can recommend schedules for children that are practical and beneficial with the main goal of preserving family relationships and protecting children from the consequences of parental separation.

​Donna Cameron is aware that many reports can take months to be released to the parties and she understands the additional stress this has on family members due to family therapy. Donna therefore offers a maximum of a 2 weeks turnaround of the release of your family reports once the interviews are complete. Donna Cameron is available to travel to any location in Australia to interview for these reports and in some cases SKYPE may be used.

On the day of your family report, you and your ex-partner will be interviewed separately. These interviews usually go for around 2 hours. The report writer will also interview the children involved and will spend some time observing them with each parent if this is safe to do so. Any documents mainly Court documents that you both agree for the report writer to read will be provided to her prior to the interviews. After the interview process, your report will be compiled, and any additional questions will be asked over phone in the days after. The final report is released to each parent (or if they are legally represented) their lawyers at the same time once all the fees have been paid. You will not encounter your ex-partner on the day of the report. This final document may then be submitted to Court.

Fees (plus GST)

$8,500 – 1-2 children
$9,000 – 3-4 children
$9,500 – 5 and more

Urgent Reports – released 72 hours after interview completion from: $10,000 plus GST 

Travel Required (outside of Melbourne + NSW + Qld + Tas)
$13,000 – 1-2 children
$13,500 – 3-4 children
$14,000 – 5 and more children


child impact short form reports

A Child Impact Short Form Report (formerly a Section 11F Report) is simply a Report made in accordance with Section 11F of the Family Law Act. It is a report that sets out briefly what the issues are in the matter. Often these reports are very brief and are in the form of a memorandum rather than a lengthy report.

What will happen in this report;

The report writer will meet with interview both parties individually for around an hour and then the child/ren. They will also observe if possible the interaction between the parties and the child/ren. The document will be written and release to the parties within two weeks of the interviews occurring and payment being made.

Fees (plus GST)

$4,000 – 1 Child
$4,200 – 2 Children
$4,400 – 3 Children
$4,600 – 4 or more Children

 Travel Required (outside of Melbourne + NSW + Qld + Tas)

$9,000 – 1 Child
$9,200 – 2 Children
$9,400 – 3 Children
$9,600 – 4 or more Children

Prices updated 29.11.2023


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