Reintegration Family Therapy

If a child has not been able to have time with one of their parents or if they are refusing to spend time with a parent, this process may be the first step in rebuilding this relationship. Reintegration therapy creates a safe environment for the children to express their feelings and their concerns about having contact with this parent who they have not seen for some time. Donna provides sessions with the family, working towards the goal of the children feeling comfortable to be in a session with the parent they have not been in contact with, to discuss their concerns and rebuild their relationship.

The Process

An intake appointment with each parent will occur prior to any sessions with the children. These sessions are 50 minutes long and they give an opportunity for each parent to talk through the separation, the time the children have spent with each parent since the separation and any concerns they have in regard to the children, and the reason why the children have not been spending time with the other parent. The children then commence their own individual sessions, they will have as many of these as Donna sees fit to address their anxieties, concerns and to work on their ability to communicate with the parent they have been absent from. Donna will then attempt to have the children and the parent they have not had time with, in sessions together to discuss these issues, find solutions and rebuild their relationship.


Session fees are $320 for 50-minute session
Court Document Reading is $320 an hour
Reports requested are charged at $600 an hour


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Reintegration therapy can be very useful if a child has not been able to have time with one of their parents for an extended time.


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