Bipolar disorder is an illness. It affects the normal functioning of the brain so that the person experiences extreme moods — very high and over-excited or very low and depressed. If you are experiencing these symptoms you may find that someday you feel like you could paint the house or renovate the kitchen however on other days you can not get out of bed. Other symptoms can include reckless behaviours, difficulties maintaining concentration, problems in the workplace and in your personal relationship and difficulties sleeping when you are feeling high or oversleeping when you are feeling low.

Successful treatment of bipolar disorder depends on a combination of factors. Medication is normally considered for clients with bipolar and we can liaison with your doctor to help make sure you are on the best medication for you.

Treatment with a registered psychologist at The Couch Therapy Group for bipolar disorder can help you live life on your own terms, without the interference of mood swings. Effective bipolar disorder treatment relieves symptoms, reduces the frequency and intensity of manic and depressive episodes, and restores your ability to function.