Stress is said to occur when we realize that what we are required to do surpasses our coping ability. Stress is not always harmful. In some instances, it provides just the right boost needed to get through the specific situation. However, if stress is not managed properly, it has lethal consequences on health. Some of the harmful effects of stress include hypertension, nervousness, sleeplessness, a weakened immune system and pain in the muscles. Stress in extreme amounts is known to be a contributing factor to major diseases such as heart illnesses. Stress therapy exists in many forms. With the increase in technology levels, online counselling is turning out to be the most common method but here are some other techniques that can be used.

This is a personal therapy in Australia that never disappoints. From the several types of research on exercise, it can be concluded that it is very beneficial to the body as well as the mind. Anything that stretches the mind can be very helpful during stressful moments. Unlike the fitness-motivated exercise, the effects of this exercise are not long term. Twenty minutes of walking, swimming or running does the trick. It can give an effect that will last for hours.

Whenever we are experiencing stress, it is usually very visible on our faces. With one look at a stressed person, even if for the first time, you can be able to tell that something is not right. Our brains, facial expressions, and our emotions are usually interconnected. It is, therefore, a relief of tension whenever one smiles and laughs while in a stressful situation. This is a stress therapy that no psychologist in the world has ever disputed.

Ditching the stressor for a while.
Facing your stress is important. However, dedicating some twenty minutes to your health is not a very large sacrifice. Take a break from whatever is stressing you. By doing so, you allow another activity some time, which can bring forth a new perspective from which the situation can be viewed. It is funny that you are being asked to stop thinking about what should actually be in your mind but it works. Just a few minutes off and this will work wonders.

This is an important solution and if you do not know how to do it, you need to try Skype therapy in order to be coached. Meditation is recommended in stress therapy, trauma therapy, depression therapy, anxiety therapy, psychological therapy among many others. Through meditation and mindfulness, one is able to release whatever might have been a source of physical stress forthe body. Just a brief meditation reaps instant benefits.

Social support.
The easiest and cheapest way to manage stress is by sharing. Try calling, texting or even sending emails to your friend and you will be surprised. Nevertheless, you should be cautious with whom you talk to. You should approach someone who understands you and he/she should not be a contributing factor to your stress. Find a few friends who you can trust and share whatever is making you suffer from stress.