Love is a grave issue in the life of a human being, especially one that involves intimacy. It consumes a big portion of our lives and so breaking-up can cause some serious damage. The injury caused can be more severe especially if you were not the source of the break-up idea. In some cases, one is even forced to undergo psychological therapy from a registered psychologist in Melbourne. If you have found yourself in an all-of-a-sudden breakup, you can either decide to let it torment you from within or you can try to help yourself carry on.

Keep reminding yourself that you are more than a cast-off
The pain of breaking up may sometimes tend to overpower you. It may torment you to the point where you forget your identity as a human being. You tend to concentrate more on the reasons that might have caused the breakup and you see yourself as a worthless person. Whenever you discover that this is happening to you, you have to take control of the situation. Just diverse your thoughts to your work, hobbies, skills and other relationships. Reach out to family and friends who are supportive enough to remind you of your worth. If they are not helpful, try undertaking depression therapy.

Be kind to yourself.
In breakups, you will find that you tend to respond with hostility, either to yourself or your former partner. You may consider attacking your ex-partner but honestly, this measure will not bring back the relationship. It only serves to rekindle your anger and keep it burning. Moreover, being hostile to yourself for your actions or for your failure to act will also not solve anything but only increase your depression. The best personal therapy in Australia for this problem is to understand your pain and accept it. Avoid anger, although it may seem better than pain since its effects are long term. Respond to your pain with sympathy as it is the comfort your body craves in order to feel soothed.

Involve other people.
In this situation, you need to remember that you belong to a larger world. Getting out of the cocoon and engaging the world is a step that every online counselling or therapy in  Melbourne Australia advocates for. Try talking with friends and even strangers. Get up off that couch or even out of your home and get in contact with the outside world. Occasional walks always come in handy. Realizing that there is a big community around you tends to revive you despite the pain you are going through. Your relationship may also have been denying you the chance to socialize with nature and so by exposing yourself to the world you may be soothing yourself in the process of being fascinated.

If you are looking for some online counselling or therapy, then I believe the above points will help you a great deal. Breaking-up does not mark the end of your life and it should not make you feel like a reject. Get out, talk to people and do not direct hostility to your ex-partner or yourself.